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We live in the word of technology where the advanced communication system makes the marketing and selling products all over the word. This has enabled a huge amount of cash around the world. So marketers and companies are working hard all over the world to gather more and more information on the market and public demands. Till date companies have to make online survey teams and visit door to door to collect information. But with the help of technology and the concept of online marketing it has been possible for the companies to reach a wider section of people and get a wider and detailed survey of market in a short time. There are so many websites who have tie ups with different MNC’s and small companies and providing a platform to the companies to get quick and detailed survey and the people a source to earn something sitting at home and in leisure time. One such website is Toluna.

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Spletno gostovanje


Web hosting Super-Server as know as Gostovanje hosting in data center in Munich. The ultra modern green data center was constructed in 2009. It provides enough colocation room for more then 4000 servers. The service offered here range from standard dedicated servers to colocation. Spletno gostovanje

Data center area is 300 m2 expandable, air conditioning, 100 % redundant, free cooling, energy-efficient, remote-controlled and expandable. Internet access come from 3 different fiber carrier in the building which is neutral for internet access. Almost any carier available by the use of inner-city connections. Connection works on 3×10 Gbit/s which allow 100% redundant.

About security: Access only via ID card, Alarm system, Security service on duty, Cameras and video recording, smoke and water detection, modular UPS..