Creating a Easy to Understand Website

When I started to look into a design for my new web page, I was surprised by the variety of styles that have become popular over the years. It’s a real treat to see how web design has evolved since the inception of the web. I remember the days when users all over the world began to utilize AOL Hometown, Angelfire, Geocities and other Do it Yourself web hosting and design. Everything from spinning Gifs to rainbow colored font and backgrounds were the order of the day. Now, getting a page done from web design in Sussex delivers you a sleek and modern looking page compatible with HTML5, Flash and JS. No longer are we simply utilizing HTML but with CSS and Javascript being used as well to create some of the most impressive and user friendly websites that can be offered to browsers of the web. I took a lesson from my brother whose own site crashed and burned after only a year.

Don’t change.