Cancelling Our Services in Protest

With Time Warner and Comcast doing their best to ruin everything great about the Internet, I have begun to seriously reconsider whether or not I want to actually be a customer of either company. I have always justified being a customer of theirs because the options in the areas that I’ve lived have always been few and far between. Still, there were other options but not what i was looking for out of a internet service provider. Now I’m starting to look into satellite internet plans simply because I am tired of having to deal with their nonsense every single day.

It’s ridiculous to think that these two companies are capable of having so much power over the country. Just think back on a few short weeks ago when Comcast had a outage that sent millions of customers without Internet for a couple of hours. Just one company having that much total control over the Internet, which has such a profound economic impact, is absolutely crazy. Not to mention that they have a direct competition to their business model by providing Internet services to customers; all you have to do is see how they throttle Netflix during prime time to understand exactly what they are doing.

We have to do something about this. There’s no need for them to create Internet ‘fast lanes’ which are going to destroy the idea of a decentralized web. We have to have the FCC categorize the Internet as a utility rather than having it be a product or service provided by a third party company who is going to profit off it. We have to do everything that we can to protect the web, even if that means mass cancellations of our services and switch over to a new type of service in protest.