Love at the Touch of a Button

I have never had much luck with the ladies. My relationships do not last very long. Usually, when I think I’ve found the right woman, she has something that is wrong with her. These women are usually unattractive, crazy, or too clingy. I once had an ex-girlfriend that became a stalker. I eventually had to file a restraining order against her. It was not pretty. Last month, I saw an ad for an online dating service. All I needed to do was click on the website and fill out my profile. This website could lead me to my future wife and the mother of my children.

I am a very selective person. I love to have options. My standards are high for a potential girlfriend. I will not settle for any regular female to date. The online dating service could be a beneficial tool in finding the perfect woman.

One trait that I want in a female is to be educated. I love to have intelligent conversations. I need at woman that can match and challenge my intellect. I need a woman that can stimulate my mind constantly. I do not want a woman who is not socially aware or conscious about current events in the world.

The second trait that I like is personal grooming. I like women that take good care of themselves. I find it attractive when women invest in their bodies. I prefer that my potential girlfriend be fit and in shape. Women with this trait demonstrate self-control and discipline.

The third trait that I look for in a woman is kindness. I do not like women with bad attitudes. I have dated women who were beautiful, but they had ugly personalities. Those are the worst kind of women.

I narrowed down my search to three ladies. They fit my expectations perfectly. I look forward to meeting them,