A New Website Brings Better Business

I am the type of person to resist change. Even with all the signs around me that technology is here to stay, I still did not have a website until just recently. I figured that I would be able to maintain my business the old fashioned way, which meant off the Internet to me. However, people want the convenience of doing business online, so I knew I had to get myself a website or risk losing business. I know next to nothing about this, which is why I wanted a company that handles SEO services for London businesses.

I didn’t even know that much, to be honest. My nephew is the one who told me that he could create a brilliant website for me, but it would not really help me unless I had SEO services along with it. He explained what search engine optimization means, and I actually did understand it after he explained that the content on my site has to be relevant in order for others to be able to find my site. Continue reading

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