Working As a Foreign Expat in Singapore

Working in Singapore this year has been one of the more eye opening experiences that I’ve been blessed to have. As an American working on a Work Visa, I decided that I wanted the ‘immigrant’ experience that we so derisively put it back home in the states. It may only be working as part of a team for mobile app development in Singapore but it has been an experience I can no doubt add to my resume. Being able to work with people from all around the world and locals here in Singapore has shown me that, as an American, I can be something of a bigot which really expresses itself in th way that we conduct our business.

Working on other teams and large projects back home has always been one of a ‘club’ like experience where other teams or even the client is secluded from the rest of us. This became especially apparent when we had an overseas client that wanted us to create a new mobile app to work with their in house server distributions. The level of casual racism that I experienced was shocking enough but when I realized that I was actually taking part in it? It’s the reason why I decided to come work out in Singapore for a time.

It’s been a pleasant experience and I’ve been able to shake off the feeling that I was nothing but a bigot American. It’s a shame that Donald Trump has been given so much media attention and is working hard to discredit the majority of Americans with his racism. Sometimes it can make working here difficult when something like him carries all the way over into the media here in Singapore but for the most part I do my job and strive to get along with everyone.